Powerful Techniques To Masturbate Yourself To Orgasm

Learning to masturbate is so natural and so much fun. What’s great about masturbation is that you get to know your body, you discover what feels good to touch, caress and stimulate. You also learn what parts are most sensitive. By regularly masturbating, you understand how to reach orgasm much easily with your lover during intercourse. Different individuals respond to different stimulation and certain techniques and sensations may or may not work for you.

3 Great Techniques to Use for Masturbation

1. Clitoris stimulation

For most women, it’s far much easier to achieve clitoral orgasm than vaginal orgasm when teaching themselves how to masturbate. The clitoris is a small nub skin that gets a little larger once when get are aroused. It is located above the vagina and is hidden by tiny small folds of skin. The clitoris is quite sensitive especially just after climax.

Try rubbing it gently with your fingers to stimulate it. You will find it so sensitive that you may find it more pleasurable to stimulate it indirectly by rubbing around it instead of directly touching it.

Start by slowly massaging it and slowly build up the intensity of your touches as you near climaxing. As you approach climax, ease the rubbing as it gets incredibly sensitive even to touch. As you climax, ease off as it will be rather sensitive to touch.

2. Find your G-spot

The G-spot orgasm is the other type of orgasm, it’s also referred to as regular clitoral orgasm. For this type, you need to first locate your G-spot and first, before finding it, you need to be aroused.

The G-spot is located inside the vagina just on the front walls and feels a little rough to touch (like the palate in the mouth). There are different ways to stimulate it, you can make motions with your fingers as if to massage it or make “come hither” motion using your fingers. Choose whichever makes make you feel good to you.

3. Use toys

A great method to really intensify your orgasm when teaching yourself to masturbate is to implement the use of sex toys. There are a lot of toys available that you can use:

Vibrators – They are the best to use, just ensure you spend a little more when buying it so that you find one with regulate speed. Vibrators with high speed may be too intense for some.

Dildos and butt plugs – Many dildos double as vibrators and are a great toy to use when your man is not around. Butt plugs are great toys that can be used to intensify orgasms when masturbating.

You can also try to watch some porn while masturbating. It really is just a matter of what you prefer and what feels great for you. The important factor is to discover what works for you, you can use the trial and error method until you find your best technique. Remember that you first have to be comfortable with yourself and let go for you to have an orgasm. Understand that at first it’s going to be a bit difficult to achieve orgasm when alone without your man. But with time and practice, you will finally do it and then you can involve your man.