Guaranteed Ways To Make A Woman Squirt

hot woman orgasmingThere are a few things that most women will confess – they never forget their first love, they always recall the one who took their virginity (if not first love) and most importantly they always remember the guy who made them squirt! This might seem alien to you but squirting is not rocket science. You just need the right tips to earn that crown coveted crown, and most probably another sexperiment.

One of the most important things that can make or break your success is your approach. Just  make sure the ambience is the right one. Dim light tends to be a turn on for many ladies. You can create this by having candles (so cheap but kinky) or switching off all lights except the bed lamp. Make sure the room is tidy and everything in its place as women have a Hawk’s eye when it comes to cleanliness. If you know her favorite fragrance, why not make her horny at first sight?

The next vital detail (that I should have already said) is ensuring your nails are trim. You don’t want her rushing out of your house screaming obscenities due to a bruise in her sensitive parts as you fondled them. You will be using the fingers for the many rituals ahead. As soon as she puts any baggage aside, make sure she first relaxes. Let her relieve herself, maybe take a bath or hydrate. Once the procedure starts, there’s no going back. So ensure you are both ready to set the ball rolling for a maximum experience for her.

You can start by gently kissing and fondling her. This will automatically make her relax and lay on the bed as you fumble for or pop off the buttons of her blouse. It might be a dress or skirt
so gently slide it up as she takes of your shirt or T-shirt. This will release all her sex and you should be able to get her aroused within no time.

You should massage her body, if you have lube the better, because things are about to get wet! I mean that literally. Squeeze and suck her breasts as you slowly follow the following

  1. Apply lube to your hands and spread it all over her body in a gentle way. You need to make sure her pussy gets some of the fluid too as you are about to slide it in – your
  1. Insert your index finger in her pussy and bend it into a hook position. This will enable you feel her sensitive G-spot which is the key to making her cum. The G-spot is a spongy
    and ridgy part that is filled with blood during arousal and bulges out in her upper
    vaginal walls.
  1. Stimulate the G-spot by moving your finger around in a circular motion and also gently pressing it.
  1. She will feel need to pee but tell her to relax as it’s the squirt fluid.
  1. As you feel the pressure of the pleasure, remove your fingers and let her orgasm.

You can repeat the procedure severally but make sure you give her a glass of water afterwards.